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Donate Nation is registered as an NPC ( 2018/573621/08)

Today’s philanthropists are young, old and in between. They’re men and women. They’re actors, musicians, magnates, socialites, writers, politicians, factory workers, students, teachers. They have old money, new money or, in some cases, little money. Their cause of choice is in line with their lifestyles and their passions, and they are eager to give.

But in today’s world, anyone with a few hundred dollars can put a website together, file the right papers, open a bank account, and launch a social media campaign to attract attention to their cause. And furthermore, anyone looking to support a cause can do so at the click of a mouse.

Philanthropy is changing, there’s no doubt about it. Social media and the ease with which we connect with and create charitable causes is infectious. 

To celebrate this shift in how philanthropy is being positioned, we’ve developed and easy to use digital app, that makes donating interactive and more transparent.

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