Donate Nation is more than just an app or a website that allows you to donate to charities that inspire you. It is a platform that allows NPO’s, NGO’s and PBO’s to involve the donors in their day to day lives with photos, feedback, comments and interaction. The campaigns offer transparency, to drive donations for the most pressing and urgent aspects that they are so desperate for.

Donate Nation does not have shareholders and will never pay dividends. It uses the fees to cover infastructure costs (yes there are costs in running a global donation app and website) and to make advancements to the app, to give you, the user and the charities the best user experience ever. The founders do not receive personal profit as they believe this platform is used to give rather than receive.

We have seen an increase in people wanting to be a socially responsible citizen, giving where they can, whether it is R20 or R100, whether it is a once off donation or a debit order. We believe in transparency and making sure everyone is aware of where the money is going and making sure the organisation benefits from the campaign they created.

We are eager to hear from our followers, so let us know, who you want to see on Donate Nation? What type of campaign’s do you want to support? Do you want to be an ambassador?

  • Our mission: To be Africa’s go to donation app.
  • Not-for-profit: We are not a profit driven organisation
  • Fees: To broaden the ecosystem and further the reach of the app