Philanthropy has become more results-focused for many donors. They want to see campaigns win quickly and have an immediate impact on the community.

According to a survey by Fidelity Charitable, 41% of donors say they have changed their giving due to increased knowledge about non-profit effectiveness. 27% of donors say their approach to giving has changed due to technological advances that provide convenient tools for researching and funding charitable projects and organizations.

A smaller but significant number say their giving has been affected by trends related to charitable planning, such as donating one’s wealth to charity rather than passing it down to family, and using giving methods and vehicles to give more to charity

As technology has evolved around us, so have the channels for building those connections. Increasing preferences for tools like mobile giving and crowdfunding, which put the donor in the driver’s seat. This shows fundraisers they need to continue to evolve with technology to reach supporters where they are. However, they lack the funding to develop their own mobile app, this is where APPS-AS-A-SERVICE will play an important role.

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